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What is a Kinesiologist?

A what?

A Kinesiologist. You've likely heard the term but just can't quite pin-point the actual role of a Kin in your life. You likely have a Physio that you go to, a Massage Therapist that you love, maybe even a Chiropractor. What more do you need?

Now, before you read further... this post isn't meant to show you that you are wasting your time, but to give you the tools to ask the right questions and get the right help that empowers you to build your path back to wellness.

That path should be progressive. Yes, there will be ups and downs, but over the space of each couple of weeks you should be able to see progress.

So, on to the question of what you need... Here are my questions to you...

  • Do the members of your physical health team talk with you about your goals?

  • Does your Physio send you home with exercises related to your movement goals as well as mental and physical tools/strategies to deal with your injury/pain when it flares up?

  • Do the appointments that you go to help you see progress to get your back to your loved activities?

  • Do they talk to you about how pain works in your body and how to manage it effectively?

Now, on to what a Kinesiologist is and does. It is quite a broad umbrella to be honest and all has to do with what that particular Kin has developed a passion for. Some work with kidney patients to keep them healthy with physical fitness while on dialysis machines; others go into work places and talk about Risk Management in terms of strength, mobility, ergonomics; some specialize in pre-hab of injuries before you are about to head into surgery for knees, backs, shoulders; then there is rehab itself; all are passionate about the study of human movement and helping their clients build a healthier lifestyle.

Professional Kinesiology is a newer aspect of the health care system. In Ontario, it is a common health care component, but in the rest of Canada, it is still under the radar. I have a few clients who have contacted their health care insurance provider and have requested Kinesiology be added to their coverage. Many have succeeded.

So what can I help you with? You can look at me as a specialized fitness trainer that has a strong focus on using yoga therapy, natural movement, and specific psychosocial skills to look at and work with persistent pain and injuries. This isn't just me giving you a few exercises and sending you home. I come to your home, I set you up in your environment, with your equipment, and we talk about what activities you love to do and how to get you back to them. Building your path back to wellness that includes the physical aspect of movement, but also the mental aspect of mindset. Mindset has a lot to contribute to the positive outcome of wellness.

Ideally we work together 2-3x a week for 6 weeks and then I start to let you get into your own work. I am your coach to help you get started and build the habits of health. Movement is always a key factor, but mentally acknowledging the obstacles is a priority as well.

Interested in learning more?

You have options... Check out the Pain Management Quiz, my YouTube channel, subscribe for the informative newsletter, access the free Intro to Your Spine class, purchase the On Demand Healthy Spines class + workbook, or work with me one on one!

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