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Testimonials from Clients:

Wow. So, I woke up this morning and my hips feel amazing. I'm pretty sore (in a really great kind of way!) and I can feel it mostly in my hip flexors. It's like they are awake. I did the upper back on the black strap a few more times yesterday and my shoulders also are feeling more limber. It never ceases to amaze me the difference that just a few small movements can have! THANK YOU!! I'm really looking forward to incorporating these movements into my days.

Frances, Calgary, AB

I am deeply and forever grateful for the opportunity to have studied yoga and CAT under the guidance of Amber Kyliuk. Amber has an extensive background in kinesiology. This knowledge, combined with her skill and experience as a National level athlete provided an excellent foundation for understanding and applying the principles of CAT. Encouraged by Amber, I gave myself the permission to slow down and investigate this powerful approach. The experience changed my yoga practice entirely. The result, less effort, less tension, more ease and grace.


It takes courage to boldly promote a concept which runs so counter to the current culture in yoga. She does so with strength of character and conviction.

Laura, Nanoose Bay, BC

Amber Kyliuk was my teacher for my first yoga teacher training at Yogadotcalm. She was the first teacher to introduce me to the importance of alignment in yoga and sparked an interest for me in yoga therapy.  She holds true to the eight limbs as a teacher and always brings it back to the breath.  I have valued her accepting presence, never feeling pushed or pressured in asana.  She lives her yoga and brings a lighthearted, accepting, honest perspective- on and off the mat. 


She is also incredibly knowledgeable in the anatomy of the body when it comes to all aspects of the yoga practice; allowing her teachings to be safe and effective.  She taught us anatomy in teacher training and her knowledge was so thorough I felt like I was in a university course.  Critical alignment therapy is an incredible practice that incorporates all of Ambers skills and knowledge- anatomy, alignment, the 8 limbs, acceptance of experience- I cannot imagine a more thorough and safe practice for every person- and if taught by Amber they will find she teaches it effortlessly as it aligns so deeply with her as a teacher and person. 

Kate, Calgary, AB

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