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Are You in Need of a Movement Specialist in Calgary, AB?

The field of Kinesiology covers a broad range of physical therapy fields, from exercise rehab, research, psychology, and more. At Critical Movement YYC, Amber specializes in working with clients experiencing chronic pain and mobility issues such as Parkinson's. 


Amber uses Critical Alignment Therapy and Natural Movement Fitness to assess and treat nagging injuries and chronic pain. With her education in pain science through her mentorship with Cor-Kinetic from the UK and certification in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, she puts the bigger picture into frame to help you recognize triggers and give you tools to calm your nervous system, rebuild your quality of life and ease back into your cherished activities.

"You are patient in your teaching. You listen with empathy and you hear with knowledge to make life easier.

You explain as you go giving evidence/reasoning to the practice or procedure."

- Laura K.


Critical Movement YYC offers in your home training, either short term (usually 4 sessions) or long term similar to a personal trainer. While working in your home, we use your environment to get you at ease with movement and build healthy movement habits.

Monthly online programs are also available, and don't forget to check out the YouTube Channel for many great movements and information.


If you have been experiencing chronic pain and cranky body parts, Amber encourages you to start building your path back to wellness today!


Contact Amber today to learn more!

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