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Set yourself on the path to success.

There is a mental/emotional load that combines with the physical pain and it just drains your energy. I get it.

So let's learn a little about how we got here and start taking small steps to get back to living the life we want.

If you have been dealing with disabling pain or even just a nagging injury that won't go away, let's work together and Build Your Path Back to Wellness.

Each level of membership offers online video classes, group discussion, and weekly support from myself through the GoGet.Fit app.

Now, this isn't counting steps or calories. You don't even need to 'exercise'. It is about setting yourself up for success in terms of building good habits. It was designed with the latest research in behavioural science.

Yes, it takes a bit of work, but trust me, it works. I know, I've been using it.

So, let's look at the different memberships!

And, each membership has a 7 day free trial!


Get Started

The first, no cost membership level gets you access to Intro to Your Spine (2 mini spine classes), group support where I'll be posting articles and answering questions, as well as the GoGet.Fit app.

With this app, I gain access to your progress and if you are completing all the goals you set for yourself, I get to cheer you on! If you are struggling or feeling unmotivated one week, I'll reach out and help you along.



With this membership, you'll access all the support in the Get Started level, but you'll also be able to access 80% of the online programming that is available.


That includes Healthy Spines, Movement for Pain Management for the Lower Back and the Shoulders, as well as the Calming Your Nervous System sessions. The CYNS sessions take you though 6 of the main Critical Alignment Therapy exercises that you can do at home, all you need is 2 bath towels.

Perfect for the self led learner.

Hint... Schedule one class every few days into your GoGet.Fit app and build it into a habit!



Looking for a little more to get you going on the right foot? The Achieve membership brings it all together with the added bonus of unlimited access to the 6 sessions of the Building Your Path Back to Wellness program.


These classes will take you through the journey of learning how your pain has gotten to the place it has, how it is trying to protect you, and why it is working too hard. You'll learn how to calm it and find a place of safety to calm your nervous system.

You will also gain access to Zoom office hours (at least 2x/week, currently set at Mondays at 12:15pm & Thursdays at 5:15pm) where Amber will answer your questions, help you with any obstacles, and point you in the right direction if you lose your way.