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The 3 Best Exercises for Back Pain

If you do these 3 exercises your back pain will feel better by next week. Are you ready? Here is the question: If I were to give you 3 exercises (that had no meaning for you) that would truly ‘fix’ your back pain in one week would you stop right now and start doing them?

To be honest, I doubt it. Most people won’t. A big part of that is what I mentioned… There is no context, no meaning as to how these exercises will help you reach your personal goals. Yes, the main goal is to not have pain, but it needs to reach you in a more meaningful way.

So let's look at your spine. Did you know that it is meant to move? Yep, it is designed to flex (like slouching), extend (like a backbend, just not so extreme typically), laterally bend, and rotate. Just like the rest of the body, when it doesn't get used it starts to atrophy (get weaker and stiffer). Now, we've all heard that we are supposed to keep our spine neutral when lifting and moving in general, but did you know there is no solid research behind those old beliefs? They were all built around research of cadavers (dead bodies), and recent studies show that moving your spine to lift heavy things is actually needed*.

So maybe we should all head out dancing? Yoga? Natural Movement Fitness? Pilates? HIIT?

Here is the thing, it depends. And as you may have guessed there are no ideal '3' exercises for back pain. Instead I am going to give you 3 top tips.

  1. Get moving BUT do something that you enjoy (find your why) and start slow. If you love to groove on the dance floor, turn on your favourite tunes and start moving slowly, be curious about how it feels. Then take a break. Same if you love yoga, start in a more restorative style of yoga and talk to the instructor about your tolerances. Again, be curious about your body within whatever movement style you choose and start slow.

  2. Listen to your body. The reason that it is sending you so many pain signals likely means that you are pushing through to get things done. Listen for the whispers, take a 30 second break here and there to breathe and give your nervous system a chance to connect to a feeling of calm, not the constant go-go-go that we get caught up in.

  3. Find some guidance. I could list 10 more tips here, but at this point it all depends where you are in life, what your goals are, and what your obstacles are. So seek out some guidance to help steer you in the right direction. Like me. In person, online, or through one of the membership platforms... you'll get weekly support to help you along the way.

Honestly, if I was to post 3 specific movements right now, would you get off your computer and do them?

Yes? Ok, head here and you can choose a small circuit that will get you moving today!

Or check out the membership offerings. Gain access to videos and weekly support, maybe some one on one sessions, personalized movement rehab programming and build your path back to wellness!

If no... Understandable. I hope that you were able to take something from the 3 tips and start putting them to use. The easy part is that you always have your breath (start with this video) with you and it is the best tool to access when you are experiencing pain, stress, frustration, anger, fear, etc that has to do with your back pain.

And the good news, I am always here if you need me.

*DISCLAIMER: Don't just go out and lift heavy things. Always train your body intelligently! Meaning: Start slow with lighter loads.


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