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Online Programs for Trainers & Instructors

Welcome to Critical Movement YYC

Offering online and in person trainings for personal fitness trainers and group fitness instructors that work with clients dealing with persistent pain, nagging injuries, and cranky body parts.

Did you know the language you use has a lasting impact on your clients?

Is a strong core the best way to protect your back?

Do you need to lift with a neutral spine?

Is balanced alignment the cure for back pain?

Keep up with the latest in pain research and give your clients the best.

With more courses in the works, watch here for all the new info!

Interested in bringing in Critical Movement YYC for a team workshop? Bring all of your staff up to date at once.

Contact Amber today!


Forest Path

I would love more info and schedule a FREE 15 minute chat with Amber about learning more to help my clients!

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Trainer Programs

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