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Language + Movement

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We've all heard that sticks & stones can break our bones, but words will never harm us... but is that true? All of the latest research is showing that is not true. What we hear affects us on many levels. This workshop talks about how the language we use when teaching and training our clients and participants affects their perception of their movement, their bodies, and their pain levels in relation to injuries and persistent pain. There are 3 videos and one workbook that includes many resources to dive further into this important field. The first video talks about language, common cues and beliefs that we've had for decades, kinesiophobia (the fear of movement), and how all of that affects how clients and participants view their movement habits. In the second video I introduce Critical Alignment Therapy that looks at how the musculoskeletal system is connected. You'll need 2 bath towels as props, or one Critical Alignment Therapy strip. Finishing off in the third video, I introduce the latest in pain science and how pain isn't as simple as one spot of tissue damage creating the pain signal. Finally in the 3rd video I touch on the complexity that is pain science. With a few of the models of pain... biopyschosocial, biomedical, predictive processing, and more... While I could talk about these for hours, this is an introduction with more links to be found in the workbook. This workshop is ideal for physios to yoga instructors to personal trainers.

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