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Living with Parkinson's?

Are you Living with Parkinson's? Or Surviving?

While there is no cure for Parkinson's, there are many things that you can do to maintain, slow, or even improve your experience. One of those things is to move your body. Not the easiest thing to do sometimes!

It is an unfortunate misconception that the idea of rehab is left for the later stages of the disease. Movement rehab can play a crucial role in managing and improving PD symptoms, quality of life, daily tasks & functioning, as well as reducing disability from day one.

I work one on one with clients, in your home, your care home, or if you are still mobile, in my home studio. The work we do together is based on where you are in your journey, your goals, and even how you are feeling that day.

Yes, we'll work on mobility and strength, but we'll also work on breathing, balance, gait patterns, focus, connecting the mind and body, and learning how to calm your mind and feel grounded when everything around you sometimes feels like complete chaos.

My purpose is to help you maintain mobility and function as long as possible and even improve it from where you are today. It is amazing how much two 45 min sessions a week can improve your current quality of life. 

Richard. P, Client

I thought it would be pointless and boring - a waste of time and money.

I was so wrong!

A friend encouraged me to contact Amber and it was the best advice I have had in years - especially since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years ago.

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A Path From Pain

The Podcast

Join me and hear about how the Big Picture of Pain affects our lives and learn actionable steps to start today that will help you build your path from pain!

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Kinesiology & Insurance Coverage

Kinesiology is the science of movement and exercise, and registered Kinesiologists with the Alberta Kinesiology Association have the knowledge and training to assess exercise capacity, recommend exercise, and monitor client safety, progression, and compliance.

Kinesiologists are an integral part of interdisciplinary teams. Unfortunately, most extended insurance providers do not list kinesiology as a primary service, which makes Kinesiology services, like this, less accessible to Albertans.

This lack of coverage limits the ability of kinesiologists to reach patients who may benefit from exercise prescription and lifestyle modification to manage chronic conditions conservatively. 

AKA is working on making Kinesiology a direct billable primary service by extended health care providers. Please give us a hand and sign the AKA petition today, add your voice to the voices of thousands who want to put the 'CARE' back into health care.

I always recommend calling your health insurance and inquiring about coverage. If your doctor is recommending exercise or movement, ask them to write you a script for it, it shows direct support from the medical community when talking with your insurance.

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