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Movement for Pain Management: The Lower Back

Movement for Pain Management: The Lower Back

Join Amber to learn about your pain, explore easy, safe movement, create awareness, learn a little bit of anatomy, and have a chat with your nervous system in this 4 part series on the Lower Back.


Blending Critical Alignment Yoga Therapy and a few key Pain Management techniques, you'll learn how to connect your breath and body awareness. These tools will help you not only recognize muscles that are gripping and causing pain, but mental thought habits that cause pain to increase.


Chronic pain is so much more than just the physical structure, it is about the language we use... This 4 part session includes a workbook with activities that go beyond the exercises to help you incorporate the skills taught in class to your daily life.


This session is ideal for any beginner who has experienced lower back pain and not found decent relief through the medical system.  All you'll need to be able to do is lay down and breathe.


Props needed: 2 bath towels


Take the next step in your path toward feeling good when you move... download now.

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