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Healthy Spines

Healthy Spines

Oh there are so many reasons we are told that our backs hurt...


Alignment, posture, imbalances between the L & R sides/legs/pelvis etc... Did you know that there is no solid scientific research that proves these seemingly logical viewpoints?


SO, what do we do?


There are some things that have shown in research to improve on back pain... movement is one of them but when we are in pain, we fear movement!


We are told by our Dr's and Physio's to not move a certain way, that we only have so many twists left in our spine because of osteoarthritis... No wonder we are scared to move and do any exercise!


So, let's start with laying on the floor, building awareness, noticing sensations and start reprocessing how we experience our back pain.


This is a 4 class series that will take you through a few key yoga therapy exercises to help you see patterns, triggers, and help you not only move again, but build confidence in your body.


You'll also recieve a workbook to write in and begin to build that awareness of your language and triggers that flare up your pain.

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