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Critical Alignment: Thick Roll vs. Thin Roll

Critical Alignment: Thick Roll vs. Thin Roll

This eBooklet came about because it was always being asked: 'When do I use the thick roll and when do I use the thin roll?'

I started writing out my answer to the question and came upon many answers, as the lower back has many stories.

I decided to host a workshop that sold out and I had many people asking me to video it for them.

So here it is. There is the eBooklet (24 pages) with discussions on working one on one with clients, different issues that occur in the lumbar spine, 5 stages to move toward health, pain science, and many links to articles and other videos that are helpful in learning more about the lumbar spine.

There are also 16 videos that I took out of the workshop. They are broken down and edited into the topics of discussion.

I hope it helps you as much as the whole process helped me.


When you recieve the .pdf eBook, you'll see the website and password for the videos in the front page.

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