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Congrats on joining this program. We'll be learning lots, practicing all the skills to help you with your pain levels, and working to get you back to the life you want to live!

The 6 week plan

So far, you've been sent the self-assessment email and hopefully meet up with me for your intake session. If you haven't yet, let's make it happen! The link for the self-assessment videos is listed down below.

This stuff is great to learn, but each program requires individualized programming. Also, it is a great way to get answers to questions that you may have and set you up with your movement rehab program!

We'll meet up each week here for the live stream class. It is recorded and will be saved on the channel as well. Feel free to watch it as often as you like! This program is built on you doing the practice. Practice makes what? Nope not perfection, as someone with chronic pain, you likely strive for perfection... let's practice to make improvements!

We have also scheduled 30 min sessions each week to catch up, ask questions, and make tweaks to your movement rehab program if needed.

Let's get started!

Path Back to Wellness

Below you'll find the library of videos and workbooks for this program. Click on the channel image to connect to the live stream and access previous classes.

Calming Your Nervous System

Password: Stillness

PB2W Handbook

PB2W Workbook

Self Assessment

Path Back to Wellness

Path Back to Wellness

Watch Preview
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