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Our Feet Issues

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Last week I wrote about shoes... as I see that they can be a major contributing factor to our foot health, that seemed like a great place to start. And since April is National Foot Health Awareness month in the US let's keep going on the foot topic.

Do you know how prevalent foot pain is? Close to 1 in 4 people suffer from foot pain and foot issues are a risk factor for locomotion disabilities, poor balance and falling, loss of independence and quality of life.

If you are planning on aging well, you need to keep your feet healthy! Our feet bear the weight of our bodies and our movement... yet we put them into stiff, impractical shoes and they turn into the LEAST conditioned part of our bodies!

So what can we do? Let's start by finding out just how healthy they are. Human Locomotion has a metronome test that gives you a starting point. Here is a video explaining a simple test. Download a metronome app to your phone, get a yoga block, and see how many times you can do a single calf raise in time with a 60 bpm rhythm.

Take the time to test yourself... Here is the chart to see how well you did:

My numbers... yikes, I managed 20 on each foot. Try it out, have fun walking after... :'D

Interested in learning more? Watch next week for a few more videos on keeping your feet healthy! Or, head outside for a 5 min walk in your bare feet... yes, even in the snow!

Let's get you back on the path to wellness!

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