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How to Make Good Habits Happen

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Oh habits... so easy to make bad habits, so tough to break bad habits!

How do we do that and make good habits in the process?

First is to understand how they happen. I know, you likely just want the step by step process... but hear me out. If we understand a few key biological factors, not only do we know more, but we can recognize what and how things are happening. That can make us more effective at changing our habits.

You in?

Here are three downloads for you to start with.

  1. Understanding your dopamine trap. What causes us to go off track? What motivates us to move toward something? Dopamine. This neurotransmitter isn't actually a 'reward' it is the driving force behind us moving toward something we want. This download will give you the basics. If you want to understand more, there is a great new book out called 'Dopamine Nation' by Dr. Anna Lembke. Highly recommend.

  2. Your limbic system is a part of your brain that drives decision making and is responsible for survival. If it is driving the bus of your decisions, it can be impulsive and irrational.

  3. Now let's put it all together and start setting up better habits. Check out the Habit Mapping worksheet on how to look at and restructure your habits.

Download PDF • 93KB

Download PDF • 76KB

Download PDF • 92KB

Now, if you'd like a little extra structure and insight, message me. I can help you, support your new life changes, and offer suggestions with the amazing FREE app: GoGet.Fit. Use the code: GW3UH for FREE support from Critical Movement YYC.

We know we have bad habits, or that we can create better, healthier habits... from eating, sleeping, using our phones, shopping and more.

Let's make some changes.

BTW, small steps work better than big ones.

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