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Cranky SI Joints?

Ever had cranky Sacro-Iliac Joints?

Often our first reaction is that we want them to be 'released' or popped back into place.

This reaction often has us stretching them and finding manual therapists (chiro, massage, osteo) to help us adjust them back into alignment.

Does that sound familiar? I went through years of always trying to 'adjust' my SI joints, particularly my left side.

What I've learned though... more than often what the SI joints really need is more stability. Doing exercises that strengthen and support the joint and pelvis.

So what can we do? Clearly I'm going to recommend exercise and movement, but what movement?

If you know me, I don't often recommend just one exercise for a particular area. But... when it comes to my left lower back this is my favorite and my personal go-to when my SI joint is cranky. Still, don't forget the bigger picture.

So, try it out. Let me know how it goes!

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