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Feb 4, 2024 - Feb 17, 2024

5 Days To Change Your Back Pain February

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Dealing with daily nagging pain is exhausting. It is a mental load that not everyone understands. This energy drain can even lead to higher pain levels. So, what can you do? We've been told the message for decades to suck it up, push through, get to the gym and everything will work itself out. But it hasn't. So let's look at the big picture of how pain works in the body, why it is trying to protect us, and how it has become too protective. Then, connecting the dots, we'll put this into a couple of exercises where we are laying down on the floor (you'll need 2 bath towels) and learning to pay attention to calm the nervous system. You'll get a 20 min video each morning, as well as a workbook to use. You'll also gain access to weekly support from Amber to help you build healthy habits. This program is 5 days, I know life often gets in the way, you'll get 12 days to complete it. After 5 days, you'll have the tools to begin to manage your back pain, have more energy for your day, and maybe even get back to the activities that you love! Let's get started!

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